Free adult chat by zipco

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Free adult chat by zipco

” “Very.” “Finger fuck yourself.” “Ok.” She followed his order, and moaned out loud as she slid two fingers inside herself easily.

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He would be in the area on business, the plan was that he would pick her up from somewhere of her choosing and take her to his hotel.

She knew what he wanted to hear, but she wouldn’t say it.

She was so very wet – all his doing – and her fingers moved easily over her slick pussy.

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Lazily she rubbed her clit, and felt her orgasm build quickly.

’ ‘I’m about to cum’ ‘Wait, I wish to listen’ The phone came to life next to her, she paused what she was doing, suddenly feeling nervous as she answered the call.

Rest assured the whole thing stays between you and the model so there is just no reason to restrain yourself with any rules.

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“I’m playing with myself.” “You said you were close?

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