Fender blues junior dating

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After ten years of intensive use and transportation it just loose its visual quality, all other things working perfect.So now I bought a new one Blues Junior to let the old one for home works and new fella for gigs.

I tried different combinations of tubes and found that the amp sounds great with every combination.I was impressed from the very beginning with the quality, volume, and tone from this little amp.Although my go to for playing is high wattage boutique amps, I have always enjoyed this amp.It just comes down to a matter of preference, with the neutral to warmer power tubes sounding better for my application of classic rock and blues tones.Wondering how similar the Fargen mods are to the Billm mods.The serial number for my amp is post 2001 dating, but it is American made with the green circuit board amp.

It does have the purported warmer tone of the green board version.Running the master volume at 12 and the volume to suit the room will open many eyes and ears.A great little amp you can use with and without pedals. My first Blues Junior I bought about 10 years ago and it was a first combo that really satisfied me in all dimensions: small size and great tube sound of the 50's.I have the basic tone stack mods done, but haven't replaced the transformer.I've also tweaked the tubes and put in a Weber Michigan to give the amp more). in late 2001 because I wanted a compact, portable amp for casual jam sessions. I purchased has a blonde Tolex covering and it appears to be a “transitional” version of the amp.