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Intense pleasurable feeling starts within clitoris and sends waves of pleasure throughout the body.

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Later I was teaching those women things about their bodies they never knew. Note: I don’t even talk about asking men this question.Uterus, pelvic muscles, and even anus may begin to contract.Those contractions are quite strong and may actually push out anything that was stimulating the vagina.Do you want to have a passionate relationship even 3 years after you met? This concerns all of you: couples, singles, everyone. Let’s add some LOVE and KNOWLEDGE to the world of relationships and sexuality. When you know what to look for – go and take an action. Let’s begin with one female orgasm you most probably know: 1." Best relationship advice on sexuality that can be given is this: learn to give your partner ALL of these orgasms as fast as you can. THE CLITORAL ORGASMThis orgasm is a result of clitoral stimulation.Many women describe it as a very special, deeply sensual pleasure until their whole lower stomach and pelvic area explodes. SQUIRTING ORGASM (FEMALE EJACULATION) In short, this powerful orgasm is called to life by using ancient Tantric techniques.

Often they are carried away for quite some time by the powerful wave of euphoric energy and not even realize where they are and what is going on around them. It releases negative emotions and fills a woman with light, euphoric energy and feeling of fulfillment and peace.

This kind of orgasm takes longer time to achieve and rhythmic thrusting is often the best way to it.

A good lover will communicate with a woman and find out the best position for her to reach this kind of orgasm.

You are lucky if a man knows that women can have an orgasm at all. The rest of male population is predominantly ignorant and quite cool about it. There is a fear of female sexuality that is still very present in our society.

Off course, there are a few men who know a lot about the subject. IF YOU ARE A WOMANMost women know just two types of orgasm their bodies are capable of.

As a good lover, you should know that and give your woman a few minutes of rest.

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    Various studies have suggested that severe child sexual abuse may have a deleterious effect on brain development. (1998) found "reversed hemispheric asymmetry and greater left hemisphere coherence in abused subjects;" Teicher et al.