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Here’s how it works, per Facebook’s announcement: Parents download the app onto their child’s device, which for now is just limited to Apple’s i Pad, i Phone, or i Pod Touch.

Once that’s all done, it’s up to the parents to decide who their child can and cannot talk to.For example the Like-moticon just appears as its code (y) when sent to mobile.This all might seem childish but some of the smartest people I know including big tech company founders frequently use emoticons when they text message.That might be enough to make the app sound appealing to those older than 13, honestly — though nobody should be the adult signing up for a kids-only messenger app, obviously.While plenty of young people have been introduced to the wilds of the internet through chat apps — depending on your age, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of anything from AOL Instant Messenger to Snapchat right now — Messenger Kids could be the first kid-geared app that has big enough backing to really take off.While the app is only available in the United States and on the Apple Store for now, the plan is to bring it to Amazon and the Android app stores soon, as well as to roll it out in other countries.

Attention teens and the adults that act like them: Facebook has added emoticons to Chat on the web.

We need to stop judging, feeling guilty, or fearing they’re the death of literature. All forms of communication are appropriate in the right time and place.

The sexy smileys are used by those who are new in love mostly.

Facebook announced Monday that it has begun the American rollout of its new Messenger Kids app.

It’s designed to let tweens go online and talk to people without having to deal with all the horrors of, well, going online and talking to people.

While before you could use text like :) to create a smile or even :putnam: to show a picture of an early Facebook engineer, now there’s a little menu of the most common emoticons in the bottom right of any chat window.