Executive men dating

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Executive men dating - Sex talking chat

But, it is my purpose to help you get clear when you may be getting in the way of finding love.

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I don’t travel in those circles, so I took a guess. I asked her what other qualities she was seeking in a partner, but she didn’t really have an answer.

Debbie was strictly concerned with finding a man of the right status and economic level. Narrow Age Requirements Earlier in the evening women complained how men seem to want younger women. Most women want to date men who run the bases of the diamond – 1st, 2nd, 3rd base and home plate.

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But let’s keep in mind that a wish list is simply a list you WISH for.

Naturally, there are basic non-negotiables such as honest, single, relationship ready, stable, warm, or loving. But, other items might be qualities you hope for, but could live without if the right man presented himself.The average 35 year old woman doesn’t want anything to do with a man of 50 , especially if power and cash are not part of the package. I suppose it could happen because anything is possible. Not many men run the bases, but think of all the men who fit into the rest of the park!I brought this up to Debbie, explaining that CEO’s are a group who can and do date younger. That is the “gray area” which includes men who meet your most crucial requirements.Debbie Only Does CEOs I met Debbie at a recent workshop. Debbie has been single for 15 years since her divorce from a business tycoon.Now that she’s older, she figures her tycoon guy should be a top executive or CEO and she asked me where she could meet single CEO’s. According to Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, at upscale steakhouses early on a Thursday night.Ninety five percent of women chase men on the diamond and these men know it! They are real men with good hearts and accomplishments even if they haven’t achieved CEO status. Soften Up on “Must Have” Qualities Get clear on your key requirements and soften up on some qualities that would be a dream, but you could live without.