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In the last episode, Shaun dismissed one candidate claiming that she couldn’t be effective since her clothes didn’t match.

I think it’s important that we continue to explore his life outside the job, but I think it’s also important to continue to explore the job: saving lives.” ABC And on a more positive note, Shaun’s burgeoning friendship with his neighbor Lea (Paige Spara) will also see progress when the show returns.

He and Glassman, it certainly is a wonderful relationship, but that doesn’t mean it always resolves itself neatly.

There are people who love and care about each other but also have different opinions on some pretty fundamental things.” ABC Glassman broached the idea of taking on an aide who could help teach Shaun to navigate the world more smoothly earlier in the season to no avail.

“He’s stubborn and he’s proud, and he doesn’t trust people. “Glassman’s as stubborn as Shaun is, and Glassman’s not wrong.

Glassman has been doing his best to help Shaun and love Shaun,” he continued.

“This, to him, is an indication that Glassman doesn’t think it’s enough, which is kind of devastating to him. He views this as the one person on earth who he trusts has either given up on him or let him down in some way.” When the show returns in the new year, it will pick up wherever Shaun is.

“We are going to see both sides to this,” said Shore.

Bonaventure Hospital, but he’s also had a couple allies. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) has been one of Shaun’s newer friends whom he’s relied on to demystify the female point of view.

While Claire has had a troubled arc throughout the season so far — ranging from losing a patient to dealing with prejudice — her latest trial has cost someone their job. Coyle (Eric Winter) after he inappropriately rubs her back, she tells her colleague and lover Dr.

“By the time we were shooting, we were well aware of what was going on and just how timely this has turned out to be,” said Shore.

“But it’s not like it didn’t exist before everything.

The shit was hitting the fan long before it was daily headlines, and we wanted to explore that.