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The passage below not only makes that clear, their own source Jackie even suggested an alternate method for Erdely to identify the alleged central figure in the alleged gang rape, and Erdely along with her editors, not Jackie, dropped the ball.

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Erdely also failed to provide the fraternity with enough detail for them to even investigate the matter, while demanding an on-the-record response.“I don’t want to be the one to give you the name,” Jackie said. ” “I guess you could ask Phi Psi for their list,” Jackie suggested.After this conversation, Jackie stopped responding to Erdely’s calls and messages.Emails, text messages, and reporting notes showed that Erdely repeatedly pressed Jackie for Jay’s last name and explained that she would have to contact him for comment.However, Erdely eventually agreed not to contact Jay, to keep Jackie involved in the article.In some ways, the report seems far too forgiving when it comes to Erdely, at one point citing an activist source who says Erdely “was very aggressive about contacting” the accused.

Yet, the following passage makes it clear that’s simply not true.Instead, she assumed they had the same details from a University of Virginia report—but failed to verify that.Had she done so, again, her disaster dressed up as journalism likely would have never been published.She even suggested a way to do so – by checking the fraternity’s roster.Nor did she condition her participation in the story on Erdely agreeing not to try to identify the lifeguard.Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely admitted Thursday that the magazine never sought to verify whether the ringleader described in its explosive article “A Rape on Campus” was a real person.

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