Divorced dad dating younger women

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Divorced dad dating younger women

There is no subtly about it whatsoever.’So Steve had a vasectomy in autumn 2016 — something he’d wanted to do since the birth of his second child, Martha, now eight.He was so adamant that she and her brother Jimmy, 11, were enough for him that he even secretly consulted his GP about a vasectomy while he was still married.‘When my then wife found out about it, she got very upset I’d even consider it without consulting her.

” it is still the first question some women ask.‘I recall thinking, “Whoa, steady on, we don’t even know each other yet!

After all, research suggests you’ll shell out as much as £230,000 caring for a child before he or she reaches 18: the figure doubles if you add in a private education.

If you don’t have the wealth of ageing celebrities such as Ronnie Wood or Rod Stewart, who have gone on to have second and even third families, then the impact on your life is going to be enormous.

” But then if you are desperate to have kids, I suppose you just want to get on with it.‘The whole experience was a bit terrifying, if I’m honest.

There is a sense they’re hunting for Mr Right Now and that they need to “cram in” having a baby before it’s too late.

In some cases they are becoming increasingly predatory about seeking ‘father material’. They will do anything and everything to pursue this, even if it means duping a man into having unprotected sex.

Although convinced they didn’t want children while they built their careers, suddenly — bam! Their targets, meanwhile, fear getting trapped in the wrong relationship, but also dread the financial implications of a new baby.‘I can’t imagine how they’d react if I told them that a little brother or a sister was on the way.’It’s another reason why, over the past seven years, Dan is confident he ‘hasn’t regretted the vasectomy once’.Steve Mc Laren, a 41-year-old physiotherapist from Newcastle, who describes modern dating tactics as ‘terrifying’, is another man without regrets about taking back control.She thought we were too young to make such a final decision on our family — I was 33 — so I reluctantly put it on hold.’But when Steve’s marriage broke down two years ago, after 20 years together, his fertility played even more heavily on his mind.‘The guilt I felt about the collapse of the family was awful, it was one of the worst experiences of my life.‘Adding more children into the mix would reduce the time my son and daughter would have with me. As soon as we separated, I started thinking about going ahead and getting a vasectomy done.‘It wasn’t because I was seeing someone at the time, either.I very definitely didn’t want to be put in the position, whether I was in a serious relationship or not, of the person I was with having an accident and getting pregnant.’While it hurt, there have been no lasting medical issues. Fortunately she already has children and didn’t want any more either.‘Fatherhood is a life-changing experience, but there is no way I will be doing it again.’But for others who are considering following Dan and Steve’s lead, Martin Thomas, 42, now married for a second time, has a word of warning.

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