Definition of consolidating financial statements

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Definition of consolidating financial statements - orcon usage not updating

"I would say there's a high probability this new wording will pass." COMPARING OLD AND NEW John Brozovsky, an associate professor of accounting at Virginia Tech, has examined the differences between the new ED and the old one and is optimistic the revision will meet FASB criteria."In general," he says, "the new proposal is not as detailed as the 1995 exposure draft.

In the zeal to satisfy consensus earnings estimates and project a smooth earnings path, wishful thinking may be winning the day over faithful representation." There is a wide diversity of opinion on when and if one company "controls" another and how FASB should respond to renewed pressure to create standards that will improve financial reporting and provide CPAs with better guidance.

ithin a charged political atmosphere, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued a revised exposure draft to clarify consolidation policy after its 1995 ED failed to obtain board approval.

This effectively rekindles controversy fueled by critics of existing FASB guidance—particularly in-vestor advocates—who have been strident in their complaints about the poor quality of quarterly corporate earnings reports.

In order to understand which information is mandatory and which is optional, you can check out this detailed list of of Reliance Industries Limited, you will find both consolidated as well as standalone results over there. When a company prepares consolidated financial statements, they have to follow the relevant accounting standards.#3] How are consolidated financial statements prepared? I cannot simplify this further if you don’t know the basics of accounting.

The basic idea is that financial information shown in the consolidated statements should include information about the subsidiaries, associates and JVs also. But remember that the method of consolidation is different for these three, and there are laid out standards for the same.#4] Is this data important for the investors? Investors have invested their money in the associate, subsidiary or the JV.

That's not the opinion of FASB's Ronald Bossio, who is spearheading the drive for a new ED to define when entities should be included in consolidated financial statements.

"We're trying to move away from the 'bright-line' mentality.The revised ED, Dodyk says, will give CPAs a better working definition of what constitutes control."The new wording is certainly crisper than the original 1995 version, which almost suggested that the 50% threshold for control was moving lower; that was something some did not want to see happen," he says.For a consolidated balance sheet, loans to the subsidiary from the parent are removed, along with any sales and purchases between the two entities.By eliminating these accounts, duplications are avoided and the statements more closely reflect the financial position of a single entity.THE MEANING OF CONTROL The issue of when a subsidiary is sufficiently controlled by a parent to merit consolidated financial reporting goes back many years (see "A History of Consolidation Policy," below).