Debra messing divorce dating costar

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[Debra and Daniel will] continue to live together with their son, then gradually transition into a new living situation." Well, if this whole thing is as amicable as they're claiming it to be, then good for her for finding love again!

It was over before she met Will," the source clarifies of Messing and Zelman, 44, who amicably share son Roman, 7, and will "continue to live together with their son, then gradually transition into a new living situation," they explained to Us in a statement.

The actress is reportedly dating her "Smash", co-star Will Chase, who also recently separated from his wife.

Below, a look back at Messing and Zelman's marriage: Debra Messing and husband actor/screenwriter Daniel Zelman attend the 16th Annual Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project's Hulaween at The Waldorf Astoria on October 28, 2011 in New York City.

Although Debra Messing only just announced that she and her husband of ten years, Daniel Zelman, were getting divorced, sources have revealed that the actress is already in a new relationship - with her "Debra and Will have been together for about six weeks.

Here's hoping it doesn't sour while they're working together, though!

I think the idea of a partner for life is incredibly romantic," she said. In June 2007, she told magazine, "I'm not one to give out marriage advice. Life is hard, and it's not in our human nature to compromise quickly and easily.

Circumstance has so much to do with whether or not your relationship survives and evolves," she said. It's something you have to want to learn how to do." Messing and Zelman, who met as graduate students at New York University, married in 2000 and have an 8-year-old son, Roman.Chase and Messing, 43, have been an item for about six weeks, according to the on-set insider.“It all happened very fast and it’s a difficult situation,” says the source. Chase and Gibson have no children, but he has two daughters, Daisy and Gracie, from a previous marriage. Yes, every brightly patterned scarf or hastily written song was awaited week by week by me, perhaps Earth's only fan of both original Broadway musical numbers and watching Jack Davenport from the Pirates of the Caribbean series deliver poorly written bon mots.And those of us who followed Smash got the shock of our lives when television imitated life and Messing began dating her costar Will Chase, shortly after announcing she and her husband of 10 years Daniel Zelman were separated.On Smash, Chase played her former flame turned clandestine affair.