Deadly teen dating tyra

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Deadly teen dating tyra

One of the girls may have been raped at some time in her life so she, along with a group of others decided to start attacking these guys on the street in the night time.

There were a group of women/girls who were going around in one state attacking guys/men in the night time found walking the streets alone for whatever their crazy purpose was for doing it.

In all honestly (in my opinion) that is a justifiable reason for a man to put his hands on a female.

This happened after the guy was leaving a night club alone. This man even later stated clearly I don’t want to hurt a woman, but she attacked me from behind while this man was trying to attack me at the same time (mind you there were witnesses).

The overarching theme to The Tyra Banks Show is of addressing women's issues in a sensational way.

Several recent episodes have tackled this in a round-about way, namely spotlighting men, their place in society, and how it differs from the female experience. Tyra dressing as a man and infiltrating a strip club to see why men attend.

(Lucky I’m not a judge, I don’t play favorites whether your male or female).

Whoever I feel to be wrong I will throw you in jail.

This was a done and shut case and I hope she spent some time in jail.

Not because that guy happened to be someone I knew but because what they did was wrong and the woman thought she would get away with it because the law always defends females when it comes to violence with males.

If ever a man/boy is in a relationship when he feels he is getting angered and may act out in physical violence then it’s time to "walk away".

Now I have to state this fact (women, as well as men can be abusers).

Seems like women today feel pressured to get that ring on their finger in order to feel “complete” yet many of the singles love their lives as they are. These are issues that should not be a problem in this modern society yet they’re still around and remain problematic for many.

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    The most common idea is two people trying out a relationship and exploring whether they're compatible by going out together in public as a couple, who may or may not yet be having sexual relations.