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With the price of fuel at record highs this summer, and the near zero potential for any return to “reasonable” prices, Maine Bass Anglers have been looking for ways to squeeze the most out of every dollar spent on petroleum.offers these fuel-saving tips designed to help you conserve resources...

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Tell grandma that all the kids really want for Christmas are those home-made mittens she cranks out year after year.Participating in the working world is one of the most wasteful things a fanatical bass angler can do.Sure, we need to work in order to afford the endless miles of line, rows of shiny tackle boxes filled with all manner of piscine-inducing treats and expensive rod/reel combo's, but the smart angler knows just how far he can stretch an organization's attendance policy to maximize fuel and energy savings. All of the gas, oil and wear and tear on your vehicle, plus all of the above for the people that make, sell and service your vehicle have a huge impact.Make sure that everyone in the house has easy access to them at all times.In reality, any temperature above freezing is a net gain for an endotherm..humans are no exception.First, weeds and various other plants take advantage of the situation, a diverse forest will stand on the botanical desert once known as your lawn. Neglecting your lawn care duties not only has positive effects on fuel savings and the environment, you may also wish to use the time that you would normally spend pushing those planet-killing machines around on the lake fine-tuning your angling skills.

Back in my day, I really did have to walk more than two miles to school. I’m not sure when kids started getting the Paris Hilton treatment, but have you ever noticed that some kids ride the bus less than a mile to school?

Just getting to and from your job for a year consumes enough natural resources to provide the yearly energy needs of entire villages in some parts of the world.

In the workplace itself, PC's, A/C or heating and office machines such as phones, faxes, water coolers, coffee makers and fridges all have voracious appetites for increasingly costly electric energy.

The CDC informs us that ONE out of Driving the family vehicle on unplanned trips all over the neighborhood and the extensive and increasingly unnecessary use of the giant diesel engines of school buses are contributing to the girth-increasing trend our children are in the throes of.

(Too many Twinkies and hours of X-Box aren’t helping either).

Turning down the thermostat a bit (I recommend to just above 60....60.1) will save you many gallons of fuel oil, and thus, money.

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