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And surprisingly, our heroine was part of that club in this alternate world.Our heroine now understands (a little bit) her current situation.

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What right do they have to play with Ikki’s feelings? I would really like to know what happened next if only the story continued. Whenever she comes to terms with what’s happening around her, in the alternate world, this shit happens.Both Kanba, Shouma and Ringo were born on the day of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.Throughout the story, his feelings and motivation to keep Himari alive become more visible.Judging from the pattern, she will wake up again, on August 1 to a similar world yet somehow different from where she was. As for Ukyou (the green-haired dude), it seems like he’s the only one not affected by the changes around our heroine.He remembered meeting with her and reminded her not to make enemies in this alternate world.Who would have thought that his wish would come true?

Every girl who looks into his eyes fell in love with him.

It is also shown that he is responsible as the eldest to maintain their finances and lifestyle.

What type of anime do you think twins most commonly appear in?

They shoved her in a boat, which eventually sinks along with our heroine…

Before anything else, I would like to apologize that my posts lagged way behind my usual schedule. Ikki’s route is a lot more interesting than that of Shin’s.

Talking about Orion, he still can’t maintain his presence around her and keeps on disappearing.

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