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The three-week long Annapurna circuit trek alone covers 155 miles (248 km) of trails along breathtaking valleys and terraced mountain slopes.

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Cyclone Hudhud, after making landfall, was forecast earlier to hit western Nepal. Since 1977, when Nepal opened its doors to tourism and trekking, there has not been a blizzard in that area. Usually it’s easy to travel in Nepal — tourists often pick up a la carte choices along the way for lodging, travel, food and guides.

The dining tent, toilet tent and all other amenities were carried up by porters. Later simple lodges came up along the trails where trekkers could sleep for the night.

Supplies and food found their way on the backs of porters to the lodges and it became another way to see the Nepali countryside.

It was sobering to remember the avalanche that had just taken the lives of 16 Sherpas in the Khumbu Icefall just weeks before we went. They also called the head office and contacts to find out about conditions and the likelihood of flights from Lukla to Kathmandu.

We discussed our plans every morning as a group with the guides and mostly deferred to their suggestions.

Beds in lodges are cheap, but the bill for dinner and breakfast will be US- — more if you order alcoholic drinks.

If you require a porter or guide, bank on another US-.” Read more: L As more scrutiny is directed at how efforts were made by TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal) and the Nepalese government to lead rescue efforts in a large area over difficult terrain, the questions begin of how the trekkers were informed or not informed about the storm approaching them.

The safari-style tented treks cost a lot to run, most of which was at the traveler’s expense.

The lodges and tea houses quickly became a popular option for budget travelers.

In the fall, after the monsoons, the weather is crisp and dry and the air, finally washed of dust, reveals magnificent views.

The fall season is marketed heavily to bring in hikers during that short window before it becomes too cold in the upper reaches. Usually in October you can hike in a tee shirt during the day in the lower reaches of the trail when the sun is out, while a warm jacket at night suffices.

As the accounts emerge from survivors and criticism for the rescue efforts increases, there is a growing rebuttal from the Nepalese officials about the idea that “cheap tourists” who do not hire guides are responsible for their own safety. Lonely Planet’s website says, By Western standards Nepal is a cheap place to travel, though prices are creeping up.

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