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And what did he think of his mom still keeping in touch with his ex—the very same ex who has, well, torn him a new one on this very site (all of which could have been read by his mom)?

The column ends with a bit of a whimper—Antin confronted his grandfather, who ended up quitting Facebook entirely—but it got me thinking about how we expect our family members and friends to treat our exes, and how we expect their family and friends to treat us, whether the breakup was amicable or not.

But with it comes a great deal of pressure – what is the correct etiquette when meeting the monarch? Alternatively, it notes, some opt to shake her hand.

According to the British Monarchy website, there are "no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting the Queen", but it notes that many people prefer to "observe the traditional forms".

All of this was weighing heavily on me in advance of my 30th birthday.

Though my almost-mother-in-law and I had vowed to keep in touch, I hadn't spoken with her since before I found out and wrote that my ex had likely cheated on me with his coworker (and lied about it) and had also lied about an incident early on in our relationship involving his ex-girlfriend.

I was pretty confident his mom knew me well enough that she wouldn't believe any lies he might tell and, despite everything, I had a hard time really believing my ex could be that vindictive.

Turns out, my instinct was right—his mom texted me on my birthday, as did his sister.

A few of my friends were Facebook friends with him before we broke up, and when we split, most of them asked if they should defriend him or not.

I said, "No," because obviously someone needed to be keeping tabs on his relationship status changes, as well as post and tag photos of me looking happy for him to see.

Revealed: Why Prince William doesn't wear a wedding ring Other 'do's' that should be noted include always taking the Queen's lead; only speak when you are spoken to, and do not sit or begin to start eating until she has done so.

One should also be early for an appointment with a royal – guests should always arrive first. Arguably the most important thing to remember is that one should never touch the monarch, and only shake her hand if she offers it.

It is customary for the guest of honour to sit to the right of the Queen, and it follows that she will speak to that person during the first course of the dinner.

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