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The 'Digital Versatile Disc', simply known as DVD, replaced video tape cassettes and almost automatically increased our repertoire of movies, shows and concert videos on DVD. various sorts of clothes, caps, memorabilia and much more.Accessoires, books and magazines to complete our portfolio.

But we preserve what we represent: Our love and abundance of passion for music, culture, vinyl, rarities and its history behind.

Again, if there is truth to this report, that would make sense.

The history of Bear Family Records starts exactly in 1975.

Not only musical products experienced an organic growth over the past decades.

The whole line of products scaled up continuously integrating even more categories.

No matter what you need to melt, heat treat, forge, roll, cut or weld, you can do it better with the advanced technologies and equipment produced by Inductotherm Group.

60 years of engineering advancements have brought us to where we are today: the recognized leader in thermal processing, known around the world by name, by reputation and by trust in our 10 global brands and the hundreds of exceptional products they represent.

Richard Weize, who calls himself 'a crazy collector', was very dissatisfied with that situation and founded the distribution and record label Bear Family Records.

He soon released the first vinyl issues on Bear Family collecting missing and almost forgotten recordings.

Besides our homemade Bear Family products and our subsidairies, Cree Records, Zu Zazz and Bear Tracks, we offer a variety of worldwide labels that found a home in our distribution channels such as Sundazed, Delmark, Buffalo Bop and Dee-Jay Records, Rollercoaster, Valcour, BE! The selection criteria to our vinyl issues and reissues are focussed on the products uniqueness.

That means on one hand the recordings - and regarding a reissue the rarity of its original - and on the other hand the quality!

What started as a small record label in the city of Bremen became a worldwide trademark throughout the decades.