Dating within the aa program

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Dating within the aa program - updating linux libraries

However, this article will discuss the notion that AA style programs are not a one-size-fits-all medium of treatment.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides the latter of those two options.

Having a spiritual awakening as a result of the completed steps; carry out the messages of the program to other alcoholics, and practicing the principles of the program in all of the individual’s affairs [3].

The concept of AA being an effective substance abuse intervention program lies within its ability to develop and maintain abstinence.

Therefore, it is crucial that those who do not complete the programs are not left by the wayside.

Finally, this article will explore the importance that programs akin to AA have made and the sustained efforts to further aid those individuals who do not find the AA program suitable.

This will better enable the analysis of the AA principles and in detail explore the psychological personality traits of individuals to help determine whether or not AA is a suitable program for all who attempt to utilise it.

In brief, the 12 steps of the AA program are as follows: • Admitting that the individual’s life is unmanageable and that they are powerless over alcohol • Believing that a higher power could bring them back to sanity • Relinquishing their will and lives to the care of God • Making a fearless moral inventory of themselves • Admitting to God, themself, and other human beings, the nature of their wrongs • Being prepared for God to remove these defects of character • Asking God to remove said personal shortcomings • Creating a list of all the people that they had harmed and being willing to make amends with them • Making amends with said people where possible and safe • Continuing to take a personal inventory and when in the wrong, promptly admit it Using prayer and meditation to improve contact with God, and praying for the knowledge and the will to maintain personal strength.

The debate surrounding the effectiveness of AA treatment programs contains a myriad of arguments.

However, information relating to the efficacy of AA is difficult to ascertain as the program is voluntary by nature and strongly promotes anonymity [5].

Although, for the participants that choose to remain, evidence suggests that they do find the AA program of benefit.

Most prominently, there are two arguments that promote that AA is effective [7] (Mc Kellar, Stewart & Humphreys 2003).

Firstly, the individual steps of the program itself will be discussed.