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You can often chart the story of an HIV denialist live on social media. This year, Russia recorded the third highest number of new HIV cases anywhere in the world.

I remember one denialist asked me if I had contracted HIV from stress.” For the quietly spoken head of the Federal Aids Centre, Vadim Pokrovsky, dealing with “demagoguery” is part of the job.

For whatever reason, those in charge chose not to take her away from her foster father, a local priest. His group monitors Russia’s denial communities for clues about people, especially children, who might be at risk.

When possible, they alert the authorities and try to pull people away.

Meanwhile, a trial is ongoing in neighbouring Tyumen, over the death of a two-year-old girl denied treatment by HIV-sceptic parents.

For Kirill Vorobyev, a doctor specialising in infectious diseases, it is a case of too little and – quite evidently – too late.

Why, he asks, did social services do nothing in the case of a 10-year-old girl who died in August in St Petersburg?

Activists, after all, had repeatedly raised the alarm several times during the child’s excruciating final months. “That is a very lenient sentence for murder.” Since 2014, Vorobyov has managed a social media group on Vkontakte, Russia’s Facebook, designed to counteract bogus online information about HIV.Typically, Russians will discover their fate from an A4 envelope, he says.They won’t even have to open it; the diagnosis will already be written on the doctor’s white face. If they are lucky, patients will be told about antiretroviral therapy, and about the possibility of extending their life expectancy to near-normal levels. Just as likely, they will come away with the impression they have contracted the modern-day plague, with no more than a couple of years of life left.But it was on HIV where her wisdom was most pernicious.Her shadowy role advising the parents of young HIV denial victims has been so well documented that a local publication took to calling her “Dr Death.” tried on several occasions to speak with Kovekh, but unsuccessfully.A positive diagnosis handled badly is often the main trigger for HIV denialism, agrees Kirill Barsky, programme director of Steps, an HIV patient group in Moscow.