Dating unleashed

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Dating unleashed

After attempting to amuse Lauren Bacall on a French film set with some torrid gossip one day, she told him: "Rupert, you are the wickedest woman in Paris."Like the George Downes character he played opposite Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, his most successful Hollywood film, Everett really is the ultimate gay best friend. Just trying to take part."Jaded and frustrated with acting, Everett realises that he has reached an important career crossroads, and is considering a future as a writer.

As a natural outsider, he is a first-rate observer and a born commentator: perspicacious and quite venomous when it suits. People are very sensitive about things and I definitely didn't want to upset her. From a wealthy, upper-class, military Catholic family – come in, Dr Freud!

The study found that those who were physically disciplined as youngsters committed dating violence at a higher rate than those who were not physically disciplined as children.

“One of the advantages of our study was to control for child abuse, which we defined as being hit with a belt or board, left with bruises that were noticeable or going to the doctor or hospital,” Temple explained.

I think Bob would consider whether Paula would like to be in someone's book or not, and described, hopefully, in a sweet way," says Everett.

"And I think he would conclude that she would like it, because she loved drama and scandal.

Once the shimmering, beautiful boy of films such as Another Country and Dance With A Stranger, Everett is now only three years shy of his 50th birthday, but still handsome, with enormous dark eyes, a rich battalion of Hollywood teeth and a careful fringe arranged wisp by wisp over his forehead.

He takes medication for alopecia, even though it has an unfortunate side effect."It means I don't have any sperm left.Being Catholic, coming from a military background, then having that dawning, nagging feeling that I was not going to be on the right side of the fence."It had a knock-on effect on so many things and I felt so guilty for ages about sex, then with Aids happening it was almost like my worst fears were true. "Yes, that's true, but now I am old, nobody wants me anyway!So I don't think I have been a great lover, really, no. " he laughs, and then suddenly stops laughing."One of the qualities that gay people can have is that out of defence, you start laughing the longest and the loudest at everything," he says, his big, giraffe eyes now looking solemn."In the end, it is fatal because once you start laughing at everything, you destroy the mechanism for taking anything seriously. For the thought of Rupert Everett not taking himself seriously is very funny indeed.Not available on the menu, it is something he has concocted, and it is notably nutritious and well balanced, which are not always things you can say about Rupert himself.At the weekend, the famously gay actor had to apologise to Radio 2 listeners after referring to actresses' knickers and other sexual matters in an interview with Jonathan Ross, while in the past he has confessed to taking drugs and a brief period as a rent boy.She would like to live on in people's minds as someone who had done strange things.

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