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In fact, it’s much easier to find a genuine, beautiful and fun-loving Filipina in Cebu than in most other bigger cities in the Philippines.If you’re into the dating scene and looking to meet Filipina singles while having the time of your life, then your best bet is to check out the night life at various clubs on the weekends.

To be on the safe side though, it is a lot safer to travel around bigger cities like Cebu with a trusted Filipino friend, and also to let them do the “talking”.

It is one of the most comprehensive guides I've found to Cebu and it's lovely female inhabitants.

The article does get a little racy, so if adult content offends you then you might want to skip it!

When catching a taxi ride in Cebu, the recent flagfall is 30 pesos, and 2.50 pesos for each extra 300 meters.

If you prefer paying the metered price, talk to the driver beforehand because some drivers would rather that you pay a fixed price.

If you’re not quite into the bar scene and you’re simply looking for a Filipina without the influence of alcohol, dancing and flashing lights, then you might want to check out a few of the bigger malls in Cebu.

The Ayala mall and SM City mall in Cebu are not only great places to shop but a very good place to meet women.Having a tough time working your magic at these two shopping centers?Then here’s a little secret that most men don’t know about – go to church.They usually charge from P1,000 to P1,300 for three hours or so.Better yet, negotiate a deal directly with a taxi driver if you are good at haggling.You can choose from either one of the two fast ferries called the Super Cat and Ocean Jet.