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It was acquired by the Museum in 1984, after a successful public fundraising campaign which stopped it being sold abroad.For more information on the Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites trail, and for your chance to win a Jacobite Journey in Scotland, go to:

Both Charles and his brother, Henry Benedict, were made Knights of the Thistle as infants with leading Jacobite supporters also given the honour.And of course, no Prince leaves home without a nutmeg grater and a marrow scoop.”Charles received the canteen at a time of “material exchange of loyalty” between the Stuarts and their supporters, Mr Forsyth said.Tokens of support were routinely sent to Rome, including a sword and targue - a shield with stretched leopard skin on the back - that was gifted by the Duke of Perth to Charles and his brother, Henry Benedict, also around 1740. Depending on the object and whether there's a Masquerade going on, it might be obvious to everyone. When this happens, it is always obvious to the viewer and to any characters aware of the process. Whatever the reason, this trope is for when typically inanimate objects are self animated in a work.

It wasn't fair to make him listen to it."It's common in media to allow inanimate objects the power of motion. Sometimes this is done to add an element of surprise or the supernatural to a work.

Mr Forsyth said: “There would have been a network to get these things out to Rome.

You would have been very careful who you would deal with and who you would commission.

David Forsyth, principal curator of Medieval and Early Modern Collections at NMS, said: “It is an incredibly important object because in many ways it sums up elements and aspects of the story, not least that it is personally associated with Charles Edward Stuart.”An unusual object, the silver canister opens to reveal a cluster of eating tools, from a nutmeg grater to a wine taster and a marrow scoop.

Likely to have been gifted given Charles’ love of hunting, the supporter who commissioned the item remains “gloriously anonymous,” Mr Forsyth said.

This is intended for the Prince in Rome.“It would be treasonous to suggest that Charles Edward Stuart was the Prince of Wales at that time.“It is highly symbolic item.