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Dating sites like vampire freaks - Live sex chat canada

The site’s main topic of focus, aside from socializing, is the music content users create.

I got powerbombed for no reason over 4 times within 2 months even though i was minding my own business.He made the website to pick up chicks , he absolutely does not give a $#*!about music promotion beyond his own events in NYC, and he does not give a $#*! When the hacker released a bunch of censored nudes he'd collect from inboxes, JC responded with "if you don't want your nudes leaked don't take them." Overall the site is a well known embarrassment to gothic and alternative culture and a dangerous place for even smart people to be sometimes.He states that in just a few days over 80 indecent images of children were shared.And worse still, they are stored on the server FOREVER. The servers are allegedly rife with child pornography and Jet is NOT deleting it.There's a user here defending Jet and insisting proof must be posted but I believe that's already been done before. Do yourselves a favor and don't let your kids use the site.

A quick google search reveals it's a haven for pedophiles and that Jet refuses to claim responsibility for what is going on, on his website.

It's funny how they are against Nazis but there are a couple of them on the website.

I've made this account especially for vf after stumbling across this page.

Someone who was defending the site before insists the real problem with the site is a few specific posters. People can be deleted/suspended for no good reason, including paying members.

You'll also find that sometimes people who should be deleted (for say trying to exploit a minor) are not deleted.

I never started drama and i never really talked to anyone.

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    I guess if it's true, that's probably why." "Hmm... Liz groaned in frustration, leaning against the wall and rolling her eyes. " "Yes Liz, I'm sure your future wife, will be back there." My sister was openly gay.

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