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Dating services newcastle nsw

Harden North and South had Tyers Block instruments to the last.

The foundations of the former signal box are visible at right. A panoramic shot of the Brickworks, now a part of the Olympic complex, back in 1982.The distinctive 3 arm signal that once stood on the mainline to Cessnock at Bellbird Junction & showed the settings of the various junctions at this location.The gap between the signal post & the surviving line is the site of the down main which was taken out of use between Caledonia & Bellbird Junction in 1973 with the closure of the section to Cessnock and the Bellbird Junction Signal box.On the right of the line can be seen the elevated water tank and the station building beyond.The view looking north from Gosford Railway Station towards Etna Street roadbridge.The view looking down the line towards the station.

A set of stock wagons are visible in the sidingon the left.

Brickworks Signal Box can be seen in the centre and this was frequent home for storing "red rattlers".

Also a trio of Rail Motors can be seen approaching on their way to pick up the afternoon shift at Abattoirs.

Bowning boasted some interesting signals, the underslung lower quadrants were pulled by levers 7 (left) and 4 (right).

The tall signal post behind shows the home for the up main (lever 31) and the signal to control the entrance to the up refuge line behind the platform.

Photograph taken from the drivers' cabin of locomotive 8239, which was on display at Platform One at Gosford Railway Station.

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