Dating services for alcoholics in recovery

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Dating services for alcoholics in recovery - dating your housemate

I have also found that a lot of people use the internet dating as a kind of "training ground", meaning that they are separated but not divorced or newly divorced and still raw and are really not ready for a relationship but want to see what's out there. I met someone that I was with for 18 months through *****!(the only one I really mess with) and I know people who met that way that ended up married and happy and others that ended up married and now divorced.

He actually kept some type of a spreadsheet he said. Some very bad psychological damage was done when I was about 3.5 months sober (he wrote some awful stuff about me in his journal and left it laying on the coffee table.Me being the nosy creature I am read it and wanted to literally die.To this day I can tell you word for word what he wrote and it is still there coloring relationships I have today.) Because I was in this relationship and because I basically made him my sponsor as well as my higher power at times I didn't work as hard as I could have or should have my first year and a half.A few others I could tell we didnt click so I told the thanks but no thanks.Then I met this one woman who seemed at the time interested in me and understood what I have gone through and was fine with it.I would have clicked the divorce button because i really thought i was going to be that insinct i hit separated... I was in a very bad relationship before I quit drinking and it did hurt really bad.

I thaught that I was ready but I am not, I need to work on myself to heal.I know for me waiting till the time was right was important and all.I also wanted to heal my broken heart because it was broken by someone who I met on the internet but not one of those singles sites.I need to focus on just being friends and friendly with people and trust that eventually someone will come along that will be the right fit. I know you didn't ask for advice so I'm not giving any, just support LOL!Hugs, Kellye Thanks Kellye, I agree with you on all the above.We talked numerous times on the phone and sure enough last night she told me that she wasnt ever interested in any form of relationship with anyone, she was doing this as a test to see if she could get someone to like her.