Dating russian ru english site 2016

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Dating russian ru english site 2016

If public holidays in Russia fall on a Saturday or Sunday, an additional day off may be publically announced.

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The academic year runs between 1 September (when children traditionally take in flowers for the first day of school) until around the end of May, with exams in June.For more information about government scholarships, please contact Rossotrudnichestvo representation ("Appendix-1.pdf") or international office of chosen university.Please send all your questions about work of the information system to the technical support (use special request form) or phone number 7 (495) 134-28-70.You can check if any of the top Russian festivals fall on a national holiday in Russia, as they are a great way to experience Russian culture and regional Russian food.Each city in Russia also has an official founding date, with celebrations, fireworks, speeches, food and drink.Moscow's City Day, for example, is usually celebrated around the first weekend of September with free concerts in Lubyanskaya square and a varied cultural programme of firework shows, theatre, cinema, farmer's markets and other excursions.

In 2017 Moscow will celebrate its birthday on 2 September, while St Petersburg's City Day is held yearly on 27 May.

When Russia plunged into chaos following the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of its citizens looked for a reliable way out.

Naturally, foreigners were viewed as a bridge to the more developed and "civilized" West.

University’s International Office will respond to your detailed letter (university contact details can be found here).

You can choose up to six universities where you would like to study (from those universities available within the quota), but no more than three in one Federal Constituency; in Moscow and St. Indicate the university you like most of all as your first choice and list other schools in descending order according to your preferences.

Russian school holidays usually include eight days in November, 12–15 days in December/January, eight days in March, and summer holidays mid-June to the end of August.

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