Dating reality show with a twist

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Dating reality show with a twist

The dating competition, which houses twenty 20-somethings under the same roof, in hopes that they find their “perfect match” all while $1 million is on the line, brings yet another new game addition to Season 3: the “blackout” — and that’s not referring to the contestants’ alcohol-induced state of minds.

We’ve also discussed people who don’t know their sexuality.

“It makes the match-up ceremonies even more stake-filled.

You go in there knowing that you’ve gotta find what you’re looking for because if not, it can hurt the whole group,” says Rob La Plante, exec at Lighthearted Entertainment, the production company behind “Are You The One.” La Plante’s Lighthearted partner Jeff Spangler adds that the new twist for Season 3 will also serve as a tool to show contestants’ true colors, as the motive behind reality cast members on dating shows is often questioned.

Why do you like to switch up the format season-to-season?

Spangler: We don’t like to add anything to any show to give it a “twist.” It always has to come from a place that supports the format and focuses it, and really what [the blackout] is doing is focusing on what the task is at hand. Will we see an 11th girl or boy this season, or is that a thing of the past? We went back to basics with ten girls and ten guys.

And that’s saying a lot because all of our casts have been hot.

Have you considered casting gay contestants, or is that not doable because it would make the “perfect matches” too obvious?We’re very careful about adding these twists to these shows. La Plante: I think Season 3 is very representative of the age, in that you have such a wide range of characters in different life stages and where they are personally in their journey to find love.This cast is slightly older, but maybe only by one or two years, and one of the reasons we collectively did that is because we did want people to be a little bit more mature and feel like they’re a little bit more set in their ways — which can also get in the way sometimes of what they’re looking for.If you like either male or females, someone will check your boxes for you.It’s a good looking group and, I think, head to toe, the best looking group we’ve every had on the show.However, when comparing “Are You The One” to other reality dating shows, both execs say the MTV love-fest is successful, in terms of finding real relationships, which they attribute to the overall understanding of how people date today.

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