Dating personals dingle idaho

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Dating personals dingle idaho

He explains the aromas, the feeling on our throats and tongue. Tasting something so fresh and pure is a real privilege and at Mc Dougall’s suggestion we all rub some of it into our scalp.He swears it’s what has kept his full head of hair all these years and we don’t doubt it, even though some of our hairlines are past the point of return. They use three types of cask - bourban, sherry and port.

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Leading the charge is John Mc Dougall, a 73-year-old Scottish master distiller, who was born to the trade and has given a lifetime to its development.Distilling greatness: Mary Ferriter, general manager of Dingle Whiskey Distillery at the refurbished Saw Mills at Milltown, Dingle, Co Kerry.From left, Brian Taft, distiller, Oliver Hughes, owner, Peter Mosley, co-owner/distiller, Sean Burke, distiller, Michael Walsh, operator, Ryan Begley, operator.It’s a unique way to bond and grab a slice of what promises to be a very bright future.On our third day, after following our malted barley through each step of the distilling process the new spirit is almost ready.Not because it was from the town but because they both had such great flavour and identity. It’s covered with pieces of wood with the names of the founding fathers.

These are small investors who have bought their own cask of whiskey now, for drinking in five or more years.

So far, 350 named casks are lined up in the distillery, with room for 150 more at €6,000 each (a cask contains approximately 400 bottles).

The programme is limited to the first 500 casks produced.

They’re an incredibly happy and professional bunch and as we eat dinner together in the evening you can tell that it’s real, that they are delighted to be here, to be working and living in Dingle.

The Porterhouse group has a brewery in Dublin and it would have been an easy option to build this distillery there. He believes in the town, he explains, and the area.

They are on sale in every bar and restaurant in the area and much further afield.