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Which particular opposition, one might like to know? Yet the king was, according to Russian officials in the Middle East, asked to participate in the rebuilding of Syria when its war finally peters out.

And of course, he won the cachet of a visit from King Salman of Saudi Arabia to the Kremlin.

Many of the officers speak fluent Arabic (and, please note, pretty good English).

Putin knows how to measure Russian power in the Middle East, happy to keep Moscow’s “flag and bases” in the region.

It would be Russia who does the rebuilding of Syria after the war and Saudi Arabia who paid for it.

The two vast oil nations now seem to be set on a course of mutual collaboration.

But of course, it would be Russia who does the rebuilding, Saudi Arabia who paid for it.

So the two vast oil nations now seem to be set on a course of mutual collaboration.

Putin still keeps a Russian military base in the Caucasus – in formerly Soviet Armenia.

The Armenian parliament has this month, quite unnoticed in the Western media, ratified a new military defence treaty with Russia.

So much for Trump’s 0bn weapons deal with the king After Israel’s victory in the 1973 Middle East war, Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko went on 22 October to see President Brezhnev at his dacha at Zavidovo just outside Moscow.

The Israelis were not much interested in accepting a ceasefire set to begin the previous day, and, according to Anatoly Chernyaev, a Soviet official present at the talks, Brezhnev wanted to encourage the Israelis to keep the truce by offering a Soviet guarantee of Israel’s borders.

Undemocratic, brutally suppressing his own internal political opponents, hateful of all Muslim extremists – he suggested that Moscow doctors could emasculate them – careless of what others say of his air force’s bombing in Syria and we must not forget Ukraine and the Crimea and Western sanctions, in the Middle East he can wear the mantle of an international statesman. Failing to foresee the outcome of his actions was regarded as his greatest fault when he was a KGB officer in Dresden.