Dating owens illinois glass bottles

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Dating owens illinois glass bottles - sophomore guy dating a senior

The symbol, seen in the pictures below labeled Exhibit B and Exhibit C, contains an I inside an oval with an elongated diamond superimposed over it.

Each glass making company has their own method of labeling their products.

However, the A to the right of the 7 tells me that this piece of glass has a high probability of either once being a Coca-Cola bottle or a Pepsi-Cola bottle.

If that is the case, this piece of glass may be our exception to the rule and the 7 to the right of the symbol may not be a year code at all.

(I am also a giant nerd and find this stuff fascinating.) I will never know exactly what year the previous glass was manufactured, but while digging I discovered that I owned pieces, that with a lot of persistence, could be dated to a specific year.

But first a little about the The history is a little confusing, and as is usual of the internet, varies from website to website, with each website having their own sources, and their own account of what happened.

As a result of the machine's success, and with the accumulation of a series of smaller companies, the Owens Bottle Co (1911-1929) grew into a prominent business. Currently the company is the largest manufacturer of glass containers in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, with 79 plants in 21 countries.

According to Wikipedia, approximately one out of every two glass containers made worldwide is made by O-I, its affiliates, or its licenses. merged into existence, the company began utilizing a new symbol to mark their products for identification purposes of recycled bottles, and for various other reasons.In 1941, the United States of America formally entered World War II on both the Pacific and European fronts.Resources became limited as many industries focused on manufacturing supplies to support the war effort.What first led me down this path of discovery was a small piece of glass I found washed up on my local creek with the word “where the surface of the hot, just produced bottles, were sprayed on the body, shoulder, and neck (not base or the top of the finish) with a stannic chloride (Tin (IV) chloride) vapor that allowed the tin to bond to the outer surface providing scratch resistance and durability to the bottles." (Lindsey, B.) Though this process is still in use today, the word was embossed on bottles only between 1940 and the mid-1950s (Lindsey, B).Therefore the piece of glass I found was manufactured using this process somewhere in that time A may mean soda bottle, etc.) In other words, they're not very useful for our purposes.

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