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We ended up buying a 1940s mahogany bedroom set, headboard, footboard, side rails, slats, tall dresser, nightstand and vanity with a mirror and stool, all for $90. To that point I never thought about a bed having any technology so I had to learn fast.The problem was that the modern set of bedding we had bought two years earlier did not fit in the old bedstead. I didn’t know there were different sizes of beds – lengthwise at least.

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Between school, work and a steady girlfriend my life was, well, ordinary. Not all the time, of course, because I did actually have to study a little but sleep – “rack time” as we called it – came after whatever was last on the priority list.There were these two finger-like protrusions on the ends of the rails that seemed to attach to something in the posts on the headboard.I ended up destroying the original side rails to figure out the program but I did figure it out and we used that modified bed another dozen years.At one point they even developed a suspension system for a bed using lacing of hide or rope.But that concept died out with the civilization and the Romans and Greeks didn’t follow up.This turn of the 20th century bed hardware consists of a stamped steel hook imbedded in the side rail and held in place by two steel dowels.

The hooks enter a slot in the post and engage two more steel dowels implanted in the post. – I was in college when the rack monster got a firm grip on me.

I knew a little about woodworking since my father had once been a shop teacher so I decided to make new side rails that would make the bedding fit the bed.

But first I had to understand the technology of the bed.

The sack mattress could easily be emptied of its contents and packed away when the next war of famine rolled in and the peasants had to hit the road.

Eventually a shallow wooden frame was developed that would help the mattress keep some semblance of its original shape. By the 14th century the Chinese had free-standing beds that were not part of the woodwork and Europe was slowly catching up.

And there it stayed for a couple of years until we decided to civilize a little bit and buy some real bedroom furniture.

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