Dating my massage therapist

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Dating my massage therapist - Free dating network sex

The massage practitioner leans on the recipient’s body, using hands, fingers, elbows and feet to apply firm, rhythmic pressure on the recipient’s body.Thai massage follows the so-called lines on the body, somehow analogous to “energy lines” or meridians.

And if that’s exactly what you’re looking for – please scroll down a bit further on this page to find all the info you need.

All you have to do essentially is name the number of the lady you fancy, and she’ll jump out of her “fish bowl” and join you.

In some parlours, you may have a drink and chat with a girl before making your final choice; in other (more Asian-oriented) venues, you can’t.

Also known as “foot reflexology massage”, it is based on the ancient Chinese belief that hundreds of “reflex zones” in our feet correspond to certain organs of our body, and that by professional manipulation of these zones, healing of certain symptoms and syndromes in the respective organs can occur.

As studies have shown, foot massage also yields release of stress.

Orchadz Hotel, located near Mangga Dua, is home to Grand Boutique Spa, which has the reputation of being one of the rare places in Jakarta with clean/full body massages (the girl massages your body with her own body, people call it soapy massage too).

You can ask the "butterfly" package on entrance for that and it costs rp. Apart from the body massage, you can ask for the ice smoothie, whose real meaning I will let you discover by yourself... 44 Mangga Dua, Jakarta 10730 Phone number : 62-21 6287 888 Fax number: 62-21 6289 458 Orchardz Hotel & Grand Boutique Spa Pontianak I Jl. 8 - Pontianak Phone number: 62 561 57 6888 Fax number: 62 561 57 6999 Orchardz Hotel Massage Parlour Pontianak II Jl.

A standard one-hour session usually costs the same as a Thai massage (200 Baht).

While most massage shops in Pattaya restrict their services to traditional Thai-style massage (spiced up perhaps with a few non-standard “extras”), a full body massage or “soapy massage” is really more than just a massage of the body for the sake of therapeutic benefits.

Such extra services, should they be offered, are however included in the regular price.

Foot massage, as the name says, is performed on the feet of the recipient.

The massager typically starts with the feet and legs of the recipient, who initially lies on his back.