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Dating moron - updating images of south sudan

Thanks to Professional Moron, this batch of manly perfection will make you swoon – dive on in! I deal in moderation as I find this deeply satisfying.

Like, for example, Theresa May, who is having to deal with revolting MPs, a seeming lack of direction (or success) with the oncoming Brexit, and the increasing popularity of her main political rival, Labour leader Jeremy Corbin.Just days after former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned over spending upwards of 0,000 on private jets, news surfaced that the president's own children were almost charged with felony fraud five years ago., working with Pro Publica and WNYC, broke the story, which revealed that Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.used false information in an attempt to lure buyers for their luxury condos with one source saying there was "no doubt" they had "approved, knew of, agreed to, and intentionally inflated the numbers to make more sales…She got to give a speech at the annual conference of the Conservative Party in the UK last week, and with all eyes upon her, it had to be a very polished affair where absolutely nothing went wrong.For those unfamiliar, a P45 is a tax form that essentially means that you're being fired from your job. The poor woman clearly wasn't feeling her best, and everyone should take that into consideration… The Takeaway: Be honest, you were thinking this too, right?I am very pretty and perform as a model doing that staring into the middle-distance whilst pouting thing.

It’s what models do and, because I need to be good at it, I spend most of my day practicing that look.

If having to deal with any kind of heckler is embarrassing and infuriating, this particular jibe wasn't subtle. Happened: With everything that's been happening in the world this week, no one could be blamed for wanting something just outright silly in their feed.

With that in mind, to close out this week, we present to you: Plant names, as chosen by young adult author—and co-host of the wonderful podcast Please, internet.

Don’t let that put you off – it’ll be my foul stench which does that! Self-deprecation is my thing, you’ll get used to it.

Anyway, it’s said the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you’re willing to spoon feed me my food (I consume 8,000 calories a day – moving is a bit difficult for me) then we’ll no doubt be a perfect match!

Whether it's the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, the not-fast-enough recovery in Puerto Rico, or the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in last year's US election, this hasn't been the most stress-free, uplifting seven days in recent memory.

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