Dating made china labels

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Dating made china labels - speed dating bloomington il

If you like this post’s information and find it useful, please click “like” next to the Twitter button above, and share it with friends and loved ones on Facebook & Twitter or just plain ‘ole email, too! They’re usually square and about 1/2-inch-by-1/2-inch; red, white, and blue; and state the name of the union, like “The Ladies Garment Workers Union” which is abbreviated on the label with LGWU.I’d love to get feedback on articles of this type so that I can continue to use this site as a platform to educate, enlighten AND entertain you! VINTAGE INSIGHT: A union label is proof that the piece was produced and supported by a clothing union, which existed in the U. before the overseas boom of clothing production beginning in the 1980s.

Can anyone recommend some resources where I can find information on identifying vintage pieces?WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Brand labels with major cities cited alongside the brand name.Think “New York,” “Philadelphia,” “San Francisco,” “Paris,” “London,” etc.Lots 1-5 may have gone to department stores out west, while lots 6-10 may have stayed local.The style number is different than lot because it’s referring to that piece’s exact design, i.e. It was a way for the brand to document the various styles of fashions it was producing.Whatever the reason, tags were bigger and better 20-30 years ago.

When you find a vintage piece in a thrift store with its original tags, you’ve most likely found a “dead stock” piece, the remainders of a department store or boutique that may have shut down and donated what remained of the store — tags and all — to a thrift store.

The plan's aim is to improve production efficiency and quality.

;-) Yes, that picture above is the mecca of all thrifting meccas …

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Extra large price tags VINTAGE INSIGHT: I’m still researching why this was a trend of the ’80s, but “extra large tags” were found on almost every single piece of clothing sold in stores.

I theorize that the oversized price tag trend speaks to the decade’s booming economy as well as our ignorance of sustainable efforts to limit paper waste.

Learn more about ILGWU union labels and how to use them to date your vintage clothing!

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