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Fortunately, my life path and education allowed me to see them and fix them.

I earned an advanced education too and work at making money in various ways.Nevertheless, I labored under this entitlement fantasy for much of my early years. Instead, I tried to figure out what elicited loving feelings in others, what features and value made someone attractive, and worked to get those features too.Frankly, it was easier than doing the work to change myself back then. Yes, I still struggle with my weight, but I maintain it as best I can.As time goes on, however, I am exposed to the personal lives of more and more readers, bloggers, commenters, and clients. I spent my young adulthood being ignored, picked-over, and teased by the opposite sex (and same sex).Many of them have experienced being manipulated, cheated, divorced, and hurt. I spent college and some of my post-divorce years being manipulated, cheated on, and used for free meals by women. I maintain a loving, long-term relationship that works for both myself and my girlfriend.Instead, I made myself someone that had something of value to trade and influence. It is requiring validation and approval from a partner to feel good about one's self.

After that, the people I wanted became interested in me too. I wanted to make somebody feel special..have them make me feel special in return. People confuse emotional neediness for love all the time, but they are not the same. They say others didn't love them, appreciate them, or make them happy.If I had stayed stubborn and entitled, waiting for them to just love me for me, life would have continued to be lonely. I needed a lover to make me feel good about myself at the time, despite all of my success, worth, an value. They complain that they were lied to, misled, and ignored. Sometimes this takes the form of "nice guys" (or gals) doing endlessly for others, looking for a pat on the head.That doesn't mean I wasn't a wonderful person all along. Other times it is a player, pick-up artist, or promiscuous woman, looking for the validation of another one-night-stand.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor: I don't often share my personal life with my readers.Instead, I prefer to focus on research, which is more universal, consistent, and easier to generalize to others. It allows me to provide more than just "one guy's personal opinion" - which seems so rampant in dating and relationship advice.Again, I've focused on research to lend my advice some rigor and credibility, beyond just "opinion".

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    No woman is attracted to a guy who is a couch potato or who is unable to climb a set of stairs without being out of breath, especially if the woman herself is very active.

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