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In Britain, we were temporarily distracted by “landfill indie” (ubiquitous skinny boys with scratchy guitars) and a kind of epic soft rock (Coldplay and their brothers in cardigans, from sensitive singer-songwriters to coffee-table rock bands) but little of it sounded fresh.

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Only initiates of the ancient mystery schools had access to this knowledge base.Around the same period in time (early 19th century) these adepts started taking on new pupils.This was new because they have thousand year old traditions of only revealing this info to initiates.Supplied with a US written and produced ballad, Leona conquered all. Witty, keenly observational and delivering the fast paced lyricism of rap with the energy of nu metal, the Monkeys made every other indie band sound old and vapid. Rehab (2006) Amy Winehouse There was a tragic defiance to Winehouse’s career-making hit, bringing together some of the defining elements of the decade in one monster single.The sound is unashamedly retro, a bluesy shouter lent a modern edge by hip hop rhythms and bold sentiments.Little is known about one of the most powerful mystics of the modern era.

We have his first name, Abdullah, and his description from one of his most well known students, author and lecturer, Neville Goddard, What we do know about Abdullah is that he mentored authors/lecturers Neville Goddard and Dr. Abdullah was an Ethiopian rabbi who lectured on Esoteric Christianity.They were sung in crass cover versions by TV talent show wannabes and blared by tuneless amateurs in karaoke sessions. It is not a critic’s list, and not strictly a hit list; rather it’s one of tunes you find yourself humming whether you approve of them or not, the universal songs that infiltrated popular culture and provided a soundtrack to our lives. Thou Shalt Always Kill (2007) Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Hilarious London satirist with Christopher Howse beard skewers noughties foibles. Ignition (Remix) (2003) R Kelly Girls are basically cars, sings Stevie Wonder of the bling generation. Rebellion (Lies) (2005) Arcade Fire The Canadian band exorcised personal grief with surging rock euphoria. Cry Me A River (2002) Justin Timberlake In which Timberlake wreaks R&B vengeance on Mickey Mouse Club ex, Britney. Sex On Fire (2008) Kings of Leon Steamy southern soul meets burning hot rock from preacher’s sons Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 38.And laid out like this, it strikes me the decade doesn’t seem quite so bad. Thank You (2001) Dido Dido’s song of gentle yearning dominated the decade’s early stages. Never Gonna Give You Up (1987) Rick Astley This lovable Eighties hit “Rickrolled” to new popularity in 2007, via an internet prank. Good People (2005) Jack Johnson Johnson’s wonderings about the bad stuff on TV was an easy-going joy. Fallin’ (2001) Alicia Keys The R&B star’s inaugural hit was a gospel-tinged classic about romantic confusion. In Da Club (2003) 50 Cent Crunching Dr Dre beats launched the humorless Fiddy. Hips Don’t Lie (2004) Shakira Featuring Wyclef Jean Gyration-inducing dance floor filler from the Colombian gargle-singer. Everybody’s Changing (2004) Keane Soaring, yearning melodic piano anthem from Home Counties heroes Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 36. Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi (2002) Pop-punk teenage love saga for the txting generation. Hallelujah (2008) Alexandra Burke Leonard Cohen’s anthem of spiritual stagnation transformed into celebratory X Factor romp Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 31.This is why the spread of the Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism), Sufism (esoteric Islam), and the Gnostic scriptures (esoteric Christianity) all started to penetrate the Western World around the same period.Adepts such as Hakim for example could recall oral traditions and histories for tribes all over the world dating back over 65,000 years.Seven Days (2000) Craig David The garage pop lothario added another knotch to his bedpost. Young Folks (2006) Peter Bjorn and John The easy-listening Swedish 'My Generation’ built around an inescapable whistled riff. Babylon (2000) David Gray Electro beats, acoustic guitars, anthemic introspection. The Modern Age (2001) The Strokes Five skinny New Yorkers made guitar music cool again. Run (2004) Snow Patrol Anthem of apocalyptic loss propelled the Scottish fivepiece onto the global stage. Stan (2000) Eminem Dido sampling, top notch storytelling about relationship between star and fan Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 28.

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