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It also has a some very nice restaurants with bars that serve real Western-style food. At 5pm, huge office towers empty into the streets and bars.Roppongi Crossing becomes like New York’s Times Square.

In addition to Tokyo, we take a quick jaunt to Kyoto, a tourist city with a vibrant nightlife.

The sheer volume of options for drinking and eating are mind-boggling.

One warning: If seated on a open-air patio along the river, expect to pay a table charge of or more per person.

For getting around, taxi service is much more reasonable here than Tokyo.

I recently came out, and it was far less painful and emotional a process than I thought it would be – largely because I have awesome family and friends and I am in love with an absolutely wonderful man.

So enjoy our quick tour of the bar scene to Asia’s most bustling city. It ‘s expensive to drink but bars – and shots – are plentiful in Tokyo.

The good news about this massive city known for cups of coffee and 0 taxi rides from the airport is that it has more places to get drunk than some states.

That being said, most of my co-workers are fellow gaijin (foreigners) or Japanese people who are accustomed to working with foreigners from a wide variety of backgrounds, so I don’t think that they’re an accurate a snapshot of Japan.

I think a far better barometer of the general feelings towards gays in Japan come from my students.

If you’re looking to pick a meeting spot, the front of Almond (pronounced all-mon-doe) coffee house is the place.

It’s not a bad spot to talk with someone whose date hasn’t shown yet, either.

Although there is a multitude of places to choose from on the main streets, most locals go to the winding side streets.

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