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She particularly appreciated how her Singaporean boyfriend and male friends open doors for her, pour drinks for her during meals, among many other gestures that she terms “gentlemanly”.

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Photo by: Some time back, I read this article on STOMP (Singapore Seen) on how four Japanese women living and working in Singapore also appreciate the good qualities of Singapore men.Being a stay-at-home housewife is simply an option and not the only route to go.Although such a phenomenon may be attributable to how rising costs of living in Singapore necessitate more dual-income households to support families, my Japanese female friends reminded me that despite Japan’s sluggish economy, many Japanese guys still hope and insist that their girlfriends give up their career once they get married.The responses I got from my Japanese female friends were not surprising in that they agreed with what the four Japanese women in the STOMP article said about Singaporean guys and gave their reasons.I shall be listing down what my Japanese female friends said on why they found Singaporean guys attractive and why they chose to date a Singaporean guy.As a Singaporean (girl) myself, the opinions of these four Japanese women were refreshing and provided me with some food for thought.

Previously, I came across critical and unfavourable comments on Singaporean guys on the Internet and other forms of media – from mainly Singaporean girls who have had unpleasant (to say the very least) dating experiences with some Singaporean guys.

Hence their opinions are not referring to the entire population of Singaporean guys.

) Some of my Japanese female friends pointed out to me that their Singaporean boyfriends encourage them to continue working and pursue their career even after marriage.

As a teenager alone in a foreign country, Indonesian maid Nova Erni Esiana Bones cried almost every day for the first month after arriving in Singapore.

With no mobile phone and no friends, all she could do was to think of home and her parents - the left-behind drivers of a dream.

Therefore, the STOMP article on how Japanese women found Singaporean guys attractive caught my attention from the very beginning.

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