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Old Delhi or Purani Dilli ( Hindi: पुरानी दिल्ली ) is a walled city of Delhi, India, founded as Shahjahanabad in 1638, when Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor at the time, decided to shift the Mughal capital from Agra when the British Raj took over a paramount power in India.

I found that eating a fiber one bar with hot tea or coffee, drinking at a minimum 1 and 1/2 quarters of waters, doing some type of moderate physical activity for at least 20 consecutive minutes every day, cutting my pork and beef consumption to 4 ounces, stopped drinking cow's milk and doubled up on my vegetables helped my bowel movements return to normal soft and daily.

I have been diagnosed with acid reflux disease, which I believe is made worse by my constipation.

Ive had so many tests and everything comes out normal.

Delhi was one of the original twelve subahs (imperial Mughal provinces), renamed Shahjahanbad in 1648, bordering Awadh, Agra, Ajmer, Multan and Lahore subahs.

Daryaganj had the original cantonment of Delhi, after 1803, where a native regiment of Delhi garrison was stationed, which was later shifted to Ridge area.

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Need female and child artist for short film which will be in chennai and nearer places. Age limit female - 20 to 40 Child-6 to 8Interested people's call or text 9123563196 (Whats App)Tamil & Telugu dubbing auditions for a leading international Channel. Interested candidates may send their Portfolio (along with links to their works) through your Auditions India account Tamil & Bengali Voice Over Artists (MALE) required for some industrial/corporate training videos. Today, despite having become extremely crowded and dilapidated, it still serves as the symbolic heart of metropolitan Delhi.The site of Shahjahanabad is north of earlier settlements of Delhi.I don't know if you will see this as your post is so old but I am having the same problem. Feels like I new to go right after I go.(few mintues later really) I also feel these weird bumps on my anus when I push to have a BM. When I left that office before I could get back to work I had to go after 5 weeks of constipation. Now one year later and I am having the same problem again. I have been drinking more water (2 litres a day) and have added more fibre to my diet since this started but no change. Doc said I don't have hemorrhoids and no hard stool inside me after checking.Its soft it just doesn't want to come out except a little and i have to strain to get that out. I have tried prune juice with milk magnesia, lots of water, fruit, probiotics, laxative and herbal lax tea. I have had the same problem and my doctor said I have ibs and gave me some buscopan tablets.Particularly when you feel all bunged up and you are still going 2-3 times a day. I had this same problem one year ago, and was sent for a CT of my abdomen, which was normal. I have lower back pain, gas, and the urge to go but only thinner soft stools come out if I'm lucky.