Dating ideas in toronto

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Dating ideas in toronto

If there were a CEO’s report card, one unflattering line would be an “incomplete” on improving the quality of service riders actually see.Byford notes ridership grew by 40 million, but that was in his early years and it has flatlined since 2013.

The signal project started as a small scale replacement of the oldest equipment, but evolved into a full-blown re-engineering of the line to modern, automatic train control.The policies and administration that brought that growth predate the influence of either Byford or of Mayor Tory.Improvements are hard to champion when the mayor and Council demand minimal changes to subsidies and advocacy is suspect because it might encourage political opponents.Now we will never know just what Byford’s price might have been, the sticker shock that would be beyond his conscience. Byford made a long exit speech to the media at TTC Headquarters, a recitation of his accomplishments from a prepared script.While “I’m proud of my job” is a good farewell text, it did go on at length telling everyone just how much the CEO had done.Getting those projects under control was not the work of one man, and Byford enlisted staff, new hires, and consultants to “reset” both projects to workable designs and schedules.

To his credit, a theme through the goodbyes was the essential role of TTC staff from top to bottom of the organization for Byford’s successes.

More funding came to the TTC, but not enough to substantially beef up the system.

The bus fleet is bigger on Byford’s watch, but many new vehicles went to the maintenance pool, not to service on the street.

Other divisions handle commuter rail (equivalent to our GO Transit), bridges, and tunnels.

Decades of mismanagement and political infighting in New York have left their subway system in a shambles, as the New York Times recently reported in great detail.

These were words that belonged in someone else’s mouth, or simply in a backgrounder, and the speech felt as if the real audience was somewhere else hundreds of kilometres away.

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