Dating guidlines

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I can’t stop thinking about what happened and don’t know what to do going forward.I read your site every day and you are always non-judgmental and kind to people who write in about mental health issues. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this — that kind of anxiety sounds really hard.

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I have a staff of about 18, with only 13 being scheduled a day for varying shift times.

Her pay stub had been dropped off at her desk and was still there because she was off work.

I opened it so I could see her address and I went to her house.

It’s still causing problems though and has caused an incident I’m mortified and ashamed over.

I often stuggle with thoughts about people not liking me.

Everyone else knows what happened and I’ve heard people whispering and talking about it. I’m not allowed to talk to my coworker or I would apologize for my behavior.

She said she would call the police if I didn’t keep away from her.As their manager, you need to clearly lay out your expectations about this stuff — as in, “When I am out of the office, you should contact Jane with questions about X and Fergus with questions about Y.The only time you should call me when I’m off work is if Z happens. If so, let’s talk through them now.” And then if they contact you when they shouldn’t, you say, “I’m off right now. ” and then you address it when you’re back at work — as in, “We’ve talked about what to do when you need a manager and I’m not at work.She recently asked for a week off which would include an unpaid day.I explained that we didn’t have enough staff to cover one of those days and also that unpaid days off should be requested for an emergency, as it is unfair to other staff who would also like extra days off but couldn’t afford to.It is my first post-college job and my first full-time job ever besides an internship each summer I was in college.