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At the time, Sanchez was breaking through at his first club side, Cobreloa.That also extends to how he carries himself with teammates."He's well-liked and admired within the Chile setup, but he doesn't have any great friends on the team," Olea explains.

"But he isn't nearly as despotic or as drastic as he's made out to be."Despite the three seasons he spent at Barcelona and the last three at Arsenal, Sanchez remains something of an enigma.

He repaid that move with 53 goals in 103 Premier League appearances, but he has yet to find his footing as a leader, as last season's outbursts and controversies attest.

Nonetheless, it is hard to argue with another ex-Gunners centre-back, Sol Campbell, who told ESPN FC's Tom Marshall: "[Arsenal need] more Sanchez-type of mentality players, from defenders to up front.

"I'd say to my mum: 'Don't worry, I'll be a footballer and everything will work out—we'll have money,' and she would laugh.

I would promise gifts, cars and houses to my friends, too."This mix of determination and ambition shaped Sanchez's character from an early age."Here in Tocopilla, Alexis became known immediately," "Those who saw him realized he was one of a kind." Among other places, he would be invited to the local prison to play against guards who were well into their 20s and 30s, as Olea wrote about in his book.

Very different from, say, an Arturo Vidal, who is always putting on a show.

Alexis is happier spending quiet time with his family and loved ones."Juan Carlos Berliner was the director of Chile's national team when Sanchez came to prominence."He needed teammates around him and to be more selfless in his play.And this selflessness was something that he embraced when, a year later, he left for Barcelona and found himself surrounded by players like Messi, Xavi and Iniesta."Over the years, as he has learned to make sacrifices to his own game for the collective good, Sanchez has become increasingly demanding of his teammates in return.But this is not to say that Sanchez doesn't understand the value of a team.Having been a precocious and somewhat individualistic player as a teenager, Sanchez seemed to turn a corner in his career at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Olea says."He was consumed by a yearning to score a goal at that World Cup, and I think it was at that moment that he realized he couldn't win a World Cup all on his own," Olea adds.And for him, being at nightclubs isn't compatible with being the best in the world." in Spanish—which tells the story of a young footballer who becomes a global star and moves to Europe."When Alexis was at Barcelona, he had the whole collection, every series," Olea explains.