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Woodblock printing is created by carving a design or character text into a block of wood, covering the relief with dye, and printing the relief onto the fabric or paper.The earliest existing example of woodblock printing is on a piece of hemp paper, dating from around 660 AD.

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By the 15th century though, they had perfected 6 formulas for gunpowder, some with up to 91% nitrate, the chemical that makes gunpowder go BOOM.

A thermoremanence compass, which uses a heated metal object in water to produce a magnetic force, was documented in 1044.

There was also the South Pointing Chariot, circa 3rd century AD, which was a figure on a chariot that would always point south, originally without the use of magnets.

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The first iron compasses created during the Han Dynasty were not used for navigation.

In fact, they were used to divine the future in large bowl-like compasses that used a spoon-like instrument.

The frame was then hung out to dry and bleached in the sunlight.

Gunpowder’s invention was actually an accident by Chinese alchemists in the 9th century.

In 1490, Hua Sui perfected movable type by putting the characters on bronze blocks instead of wood or clay.

The final tweak was added in 1718 when porcelain enamel was used.

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