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The Royal Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851 had just initiated scholarships to allow graduates of universities in the where he took geology and chemistry for a BSc degree.(A candidate for a scholarship had to be enrolled at the University.) For the research work required of a candidate, Ern extended his researches of the previous year to even higher frequencies using the damped oscillatory current from discharging a Leyden-jar (an electrical capacitor) or a Hertzian oscillator.

For the latter Ern was influenced by Alexander Bickerton, a liberal freethinker.So Ernest Rutherford and his siblings received a good education because of parents who appreciated education: his father because he hadn't had much and his mother because she had..Family chores, such as milking cows and gathering firewood, ate up time after school.On Saturdays the boys were free for swimming in the creek, and birdsnesting to raise money for catapult rubber and kite strings.The family shifted according to the father's work; in 1876 to Foxhill for farming and railway construction, in 1883 to At age ten at Foxhill School Ernest received his first science book.The cannon exploded, luckily without causing injury.

Ernest was lucky to avoid the drowning fate of two of his brothers and lucky to be taught by a country school-teacher of above average ability.

Amongst the many suggested experiments in it one, on using the speed of sound to determine the distance to a firing cannon, gave him the knowledge to surprise his family by estimating the distance to a lighting flash.

Perhaps it was also this book which inspired him to make a minature cannon out of a hat peg, a marble and blasting powder.

Ernest Rutherford left New Zealand in 1895 as a highly skilled 23-year-old who held three degrees from the University of New Zealand and had a reputation as an outstanding researcher and innovator working at the forefront of electrical technology.

His brilliance at experimental research was already established.

Ern developed two devices; a simple mechanism for switching two electrical circuits with a time interval between them which could be adjusted to be as short as a hundred thousandth of a second, and a magnetic detector of very fast current pulses.