Dating faber castell slide rules

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Also found on the front are the sine scales (S and ST), double tan scales (T1 and T2), and a Pythagorean scale (P, which gives the cosine of the angle on S).

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Headquartered in Stein, Germany, it operates 14 factories and 20 sales units throughout the globe.The scales on the back of the slide are labeled sin, sin/tg, and tg. Faber-Castell of southern Germany introduced the 67 series of slide rules in 1952 and sold them through about 1976, although the form of logo on this example was only in use from 1952 to 1956.This arrangement of scales is known as the "System Rietz," developed by the German engineer Max Rietz in 1902. Underneath the slide is marked: [logo of weighing scales] A. FABER [logo of castle on its right side] CASTELL [logo of castle on its right side] 67/87 RIETZ (/) MADE IN GERMANY. The date codes suggest a manufacture date of January 1953.The back of the rule contains four pairs of log-log scales (LL0 to LL3 and LL00 to LL03), C, CI, D, and L scales, and Castell’s unique W scales, which are like double-length C and D scales.They can be used to compute square roots, or for multiplication and division with the precision of a 20-inch rule.Scales on the base and on the front of the slide are not lettered, but the scales on the top of the base correspond to K and A scales and the scales on the bottom of the base correspond to D and L scales.

Scales on the slide correspond to B, CI, and C scales. The brown leather case is marked: FABER- (/) CASTELL (/) 67/87 (/) Made in Germany.1951), by whom he has three daughters (Katharina, and the twins Sarah and Victoria).Anton-Wolfgang's niece, Countess Floria-Franziska von Faber-Castell (b.By his second marriage in 1938 to Katharina Sprecher von Bernegg (1917–94), Roland was the father of the former head of the family, his third son, Count Anton-Wolfgang Lothar Andreas von Faber-Castell.Anton-Wolfgang was born in Bamberg 7 June 1941, was married (briefly) in Las Vegas on 16 June 1986 to Carla Mathilde Lamesch — mother of his first son, Count Charles Alexander von Faber-Castell, who was born in Zürich 20 June 1980 — and he wed secondly, at Stein on 12 December 1987, Mary Hogan (b.Today, the company operates 14 factories and 20 sales units, with six in Europe, four in Asia, three in North America, five in South America, and one each in Australia and New Zealand.

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