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The first 200 years of Joseon were marked by relative peace.

A friend from the diving community, Anna von Boetticher wrote on Facebook: "Heartbroken and speechless over the loss of our best safety diver and friend. Always there to keep us safe." Blue Ocean Freedivers club said: "Our deepest respect goes out to Steve Keenan, he was a great freediver and very good friend.

Soon after becoming first lady, she turned into a devout conservative wife who shared her husband’s Right-wing views on almost everything.

But in the Vogue interview, she admits that they disagree over the principle of gay marriage.

The female then runs from the group and attempts to get rid of the firework, before it explodes in her hood. A person has been treated for burns after a banger was thrown at them resulting in a burn injury.

The 44-year-old, who was France’s first lady for four years until May, has declared: “We don’t need to be feminist in my generation.” Instead she suggests a woman’s place is in the home with her children.

Referring to her regular psychoanalysis sessions, Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy said: “I’ve ended up becoming my mother in some respects, despite my eight years of analysis!

” Months before becoming President Nicolas Sarkozy’s third wife in 2008, the former supermodel and pop singer said “monogamy bores me” and described herself as a “tamer of men”.“I don’t feel like talking about all that, and I won’t do any more,” she said, adding: “The adventure was fun, but now I want to go back to being an ordinary citizen like everybody else.“I no longer feel the desire nor the obligation to answer questions about a world that has enriched me humanly, which opened my eyes and mind, but in the end is not mine.’ Mr Sarkozy has denied “taking a penny” from Mrs Bettencourt, but was last week made an “assisted witness” in a case which could see him involved in a criminal trial.Past lovers have included English rock stars Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, as well as a number of other famous politicians and businessmen.Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy’s typically forthright declarations are unlikely to go down well with feminists, or those from less privileged backgrounds.During the later part of the dynasty, Korea's isolationist policy earned it the Western nickname of the "Hermit Kingdom".