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(The 30 mph top speed was somewhat elusive, since most models that could achieve that kind of speed tended to shake the fillings out of your teeth when they did it.

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Many states didn’t require a license, insurance, or registration; some didn’t even set a minimum operating age–which was a blessing for eager-to-get-dating 15-year-olds.

But once the craze was on, many of the big motorcycle manufacturers joined the fray.

The Honda Hobbit, introduced in 1978, may have been the quintessential moped in name and appearance (especially name).

The semi-successful marriage of the motorcycle and the bicycle was first performed in gas-starved Europe at the end of WWII.

Dubbed the moped (a contraction of the words motor and pedal), and basically unregulated, it flourished in the streets of Paris and Rome.

Some high schools began to offer Moped Ed courses to eager freshmen.

Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset were in a ridiculous moped chase scene in The Deep.

The motors were very small (50 cc’s max) and of the simple two-stroke variety, so you had to mix the oil and gas yourself.

But these spunky vehicles got ungodly mileage (between 100 and 200 miles per gallon).

Here we divide the Motor Driven Cycle category into Mopeds, Nopeds, Scooters, or Small Motorcycles.

This is because the parts inventory and service expertise at Myrons Mopeds is limited to true mopeds and some nopeds. Author: Daven ( Among the many sorrows of 1995, America’s failure to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the moped on its shores probably doesn’t rank very high. With their puny engines, fragile suspensions, and lumpy contours, mopeds were a paean to defensive driving, and as such, seem completely antithetical to what passes for a recreational vehicle today. Twenty years ago, it was up there with hot tubs and Studio 54 on the top of the charts–a hallmark of its age. Even the recent 70s revivals have largely ignored the moped.

Resulting legislation greatly increased restrictions on the mopeds.