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I listed some good reference books in the first post. There is a very rare version of the eagle and horizontal anchor, with the anchor pointing the opposite direction from those worn during the Civil War through to the present. According to Tice, “Less than ten specimens of this button made around 1835-1855 have been found by the author.”(sources: Earlier US Navy buttons worn prior to the Civil War, made from the 1830’s to the early 1850’s, were of a design with the familiar eagle and anchor as with later designs, but the anchor was upright.There were many different variations, including versions of the eagle facing right and others facing left.(source: Prior to the 1830’s, US Navy buttons were of a one-piece design, and were flat or slightly convex.

They provided reviews, comments or other support including images or buttons for the examples shown.Albert)Pictured are buttons from the various services that eventually became part of the US Coast Guard.Note too how the eagle on the Coast Guard buttons (at the bottom) changed from facing left to facing right at the same time as with the US Navy in 1941.Many were American manufacturers; there were also several British and a few French manufacturers as well.Note that it is very important in dating buttons to analyze the backmark.Books in my library on US Military buttons include: The design of US Navy Officer’s buttons prior to WWII, in use from 1852 until 1941, was an eagle facing left standing on a horizontal anchor.

On May 14, 1941 the Navy ordered that the head of the eagle face its right side.The screw shank can be removed, and the button reversed, to become an ordinary black-faced button for civilian dress, or attached as shown, to turn that coat into a uniform.(source: The lettered eagle buttons in the US Army had their counterparts in the Confederate States Army, they simply had the letter (no eagle).Potential labeling issues or suggested improvements should be directed to the Button Country team at Contact Us. (1) National Button Society Blue Book - Official NBS Classification and Competition Guidelines (2) Hughes, Elizabeth and Marion Lester. The US Life Saving Service button pictured in the previous post – second row, far right - is a reversible button with a threaded shank.