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The adoption of widely spaced exits, gentle curves and variable wooded medians was well suited to the semi-rural character of the area.In the urbanized areas to the north and west, exits were spaced closer together.

Mirroring the experience of MA 128 (Yankee Division Highway), technology firms established factories along the Outer Circumferential Highway. Where in recent decades, growth along the MA 128 corridor has been concentrated in software and related services, the growth along the I-495 corridor has emanated from hardware manufacturing and communications.

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Congestion along I-495 also has become chronic: between 19, traffic counts along I-495 have doubled, tripled, and (along some sections) even quadrupled.

This 2001 photo shows I-495 (Outer Circumferential Highway ) at EXITS 11-12 (MA 140) in Mansfield.

In the late 1940's, as plans were being developed for an expressway network to serve Boston and its inner-ring suburbs, the Massachusetts Department of Public Works (Mass DPW) announced plans for an outer bypass of the Boston area.

The commonwealth stated the purpose of the outer bypass as follows: This looping 87.3-mile-long expressway, in effect the third belt highway around metropolitan Boston, also serves as a vital connector to the great industrial cities of the Merrimack Valley-Haverhill, Lawrence and Lowell.

While widening I-495 from six to eight lanes has been suggested, various fiscal and environmental costs involved with such an undertaking make such widening doubtful.

Future improvements on I-495 likely will be related to interchanges and their operation.

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