Dating and marriage customs in jamaica

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Dating and marriage customs in jamaica - updating dbml files

The elaborate wedding of the couple brings together the friends and relatives of both families in a celebration of their new relationship.The bride and groom primarily handle the wedding arrangements.

A newly married bride, while entering her husband's house (in-law's) for the first time, will first have to knock down a container of uncooked rice, and enter putting forward her right foot first.

This is to ensure that she brings good luck to the house. First, a Tamo, which is a golden charm on a necklace (this is similar to a wedding ring).

Midway through the ceremony, the bride changes into a sari given to her by the groom's mother, as a welcome into the groom's family.

And if the groom couldn't find his name written into the design on the bride's hand, it was believed that the bride would wear the proverbial pants in the relationship.

To ward off evil eye, the groom would carry a piece of iron in his pocket on his wedding day, since his happy situation might provoke envy, and invite supernatural danger.

Jumping the broom: Since slaves were not permitted to marry in America.

They would have a public declaration of love and commitment by jumping over a broom to the beat of drums.

Not only does this look beautiful, but it also helps the bride and groom get to know each other.

One is that a dark hand design (called menhdi, by the way) signified the couple would have a strong bond.

In some parts of Africa, a man asks permission to marry a woman, and if the family agrees, he presents her with a little money and a kola nut.

The bride opens the nut, shares it with the groom, and sends a piece via messenger to other families to announce the engagement.

The girl sprinkle petals to wish good luck and to wart off evil spirits.