Dating amputee help

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This isn't a place where you can fetishize disabilities.

Personally, I was a member for four months before I met my girlfriend, so I can vouch that it's all legitimate.LOL I wondered if people would accept me being different, but I agree with Tiger and kinzy. Like kinzy said, they are not worth having a relationship with anyway. Who would want to date someone so shallow that they won't date you because of an amputation.I know it wouldnt have matterd to me if I met someone in that boat. The personality matters the most and if you are a good person then one day someone will notice that and want to date you.Share your thoughts, troubles, and solutions with the community. I am wondering if anyone has experienced dating as a amputere and what the reaction was of the person they where dating to that fact.I'm wondering if Im gonna have a social life again. Take care Lorraine Thank You all for your wonderful replies .Me I'd imagine if you look like George Cloney or Heather Mills you won't have ANY problems getting a date -- If you look more like Louie Andersen or Rosanne Bar you might have more problems. ) If a woman can't except you for YOU then you don't want her in your life, she is way to shallow! It has lifted my spirts and perceptions on this issue very much.

Bottom line- the person you ARE INSIDE is ALWAYS going to be the biggest issue on weather you get a Date. Just remember what you wrote on the "about me" your a sweet guy, most women are looking for a great guy with a brain, a sense of humor, adventure and a PERSONALITY. As for looking like George Clooney I think I look better than him and my picture is on my profile . I dated for a while before meeting my wife and found that most women don't really have an issue with the fact that you're an amputee.If you have a disability that prevents "regular" date nights, this is probably the only site on the Internet where you can find people who are just like you.You'll be able to create your own date nights without pressure or fear of judgement.The goal of Dating Amputee is to bring together singles who haven't yet given up on love just because of their bodily limitations.You don't have to be an amputee to join, but you'll need a lot of patience and compassion otherwise.In case the site is running any promotions at this time, you can look up Dating Amputee promo codes and coupons here as well.

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